Bailey’s Window

My children always loved puppets.  We did numerous puppet shows and when we began leading out in the VBS and Children’s Church programs, my children were my puppeteers.  My daughter, Laken, was ten at the time and quickly developed an identity as Bailey.  Bailey’s character was saucy, funny and a little bit crazy.  She was most definitely a work in progress.  It lent itself to some wonderful object lessons and puppet show stories and my daughter as Bailey was very easy and very fun to write for.  This page includes links to the Bailey skits on my google drive.  In addition, you can find her in the lessons on the Bible Traveler page.  I have included some links to videos of the puppet shows that we recorded.  They are not great video but should give you an idea of the attitude that Bailey should have as she’s played.  My son, Zain, did a great job as her brother Brandon (perhaps in part because he understood what it’s like to have sisters) in the few skits where Bailey needed a voice of reason.