Belief Series Skits

The Belief series is a group of skits based on the books What We Believe for Kids by Jerry Thomas and What We Believe for Teens by Seth Pierce.  Fundamental beliefs are often hard to conceptualize and both of these authors do a great job of illustrating these ideas simply.  These skits simply do the same thing in skit form.  Some of the scripts have video links to footage that we filmed when we performed them.  They are not great recordings but should give you an idea of how the skit plays out.  Please feel free to use them in your ministry and if you record your performance, we’d love to see it!

This is the first skit – We Believe in the Bible

Skit #2 – We Believe in the Trinity

Skit #3 – We Believe in God the Father

Skit #4 – We Believe in Jesus

Skit #5 – We Believe in the Holy Spirit

Skit #6 – We Believe in Creation

This video is a recording we made of this skit (#6) when we performed it at an elementary school.