Talk About Jesus Blog

I have always loved writing.  In the storage room of my house are boxes of books and journals and collections of stories that I’ve written over the years.  Most of them are not very good but I still save them so that I can see where I’ve been and how I’ve changed.  My mom has a collection of them too, including a tattered-edged piece of paper with a drawing and story on it that I wrote when I was 5.  It was about cows.  I’ve always loved animals too.

Each of us have things that we love to do and interestingly, it seems like many of the things we like to do are things that we do fairly well.  At least that has been my experience.  Let me explain that a little better:  if you’re good at drawing and you love it, you could say that it’s because you draw a lot (which is probably true).  But I believe that you’re good at drawing because God made you that way and because of that, you love doing it.  That’s one of the great things about God.  He wants us to use the gifts He gives us so in most cases, He designed us to love doing those things.

That’s the basic story behind this website.  When I realized that people enjoyed reading the things I wrote and that I could use something I loved doing as a ministry, it was like a tidal wave of relief and joy hit me all at once.  Perhaps you can understand that conflicted feeling of needing to know what God designed you to do while at the same time not knowing if you have anything to offer.  All of a sudden, I knew that I could take all the stories and characters and ideas inside my head and put them down and that I wouldn’t just be wasting my time.  It could actually make a difference.

So the idea for this website began to form in my head.  Now, my personality tends to want to jump way ahead and I was sure I would have this thing rolling within a few weeks.  I was wrong.  This has been a process of living and trying and failing and growing for about 7 years.  I have many stories to share about that journey which I will happily do in future posts.  But as I begin this new journey, I want to invite you to to begin your own journey.  Take some time to think about the things that you like to do.  You will probably find that you are actually pretty good at those things.  If that’s the case, maybe those are gifts, given to you by God and perhaps, He is calling you to use those.  I encourage you to explore that idea.  Pray about it and ask Him to open doors for you to do that.  He will.  You might have to be patient and wait awhile, but it will happen.

If you are currently in a ministry and you came here for resources, I hope you will find what you need.  If not, send me a message through the contact page and I will see if I have something that fits your need.  If not, pray you are catching me at a time when I can work on it for you.  Only God knows the best timing.  I have been learning that and it’s a lesson I will, no doubt, continue to learn.  He knows the best of everything for each of us.  For me, that’s “talking” about Him in the written word.  I am thankful that I have you to share it with.  Help me out and share it further.  Blessings as we journey together! ~Shannon