Large Production Plays

These plays are ideal for Easter and Christmas programs or perhaps a big evangelistic series.  They range in length from several acts that extend over a week or a 1-2 hour play that can work for a one day program.  These are google docs that are public and can be accessed by clicking the document image.  A description of the play is next to each image.  Feel free to copy and use them as needed for your ministry.  Video recordings of some of the programs are available and on this page near the scripts.  These are not professional recordings but should give you a good idea of how the play should look and how it’s been performed.  Would love to hear about any productions of these plays. Blessings!

This play is More Than A Book.  It is the story of the Great Controversy for young people.  This is based on the book “War of the invisibles” by Sally Pierson Dillon which is a youth version of the Great Controversy by Ellen G White.  It tells the story of the battle between God and Satan in the course of human history from the fall of Jerusalem to the end of time.  It includes music for a full production but can be done strictly as a play.

This play is the story of Esther.  It is told through the eyes of a girl who could have grown up in the same village and who could have even experienced the same things.  Most importantly, it’s about a God who does great things and never quits working for us, even when we are young, unsure and afraid.  It includes a live action part that can be combined with an alternate scene or a pre-recorded portion.  A recording of our production of this play will be posted as soon as it is finished.

This play is the story of David’s life.  It is based on the outstanding book series “Dahveed” by Terri L Fivash.  In the book, she digs deep into the Bible and history to paint an accurate and moving story of the great king of Israel.  We take a handful of the most significant scenes to create a 7 act program that we used for a Week of Prayer.  It can also be done as a full-length play.