The picture on this page is of a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee.  He is a born-again Christian who uses his boat to share Jesus.  He shares what Jesus did in His life and illustrates how disciples like Peter and John might have fished on that very same sea.  He is a link to the Bible.  For me, links that connect us to God are the ones that matter the most.  The links on this page have been carefully selected for that purpose.  I hope they bless you as much as they have blessed our family.  ~Shannon

Jonathan Park is an audio series with adventure stories that share the Bible and the scientific evidence for creation.  They are very well done and even though they are best suited for middle school, they are still interesting and informative for anyone who wants to learn about the science that supports creation.  Click here for the link to their site.

Answers in Genesis is a wonderful organization that supports creation science and the Bible with all of their productions and materials.  I have used their VBS program before and it is good.  Once I began writing and using my own VBS scripts (those can be found on the Bible Traveler page), though, I continued to buy their music because it is easy to use and written for kids.  You can buy a more traditional version or a contemporary version.  Click here for the link to their VBS site.  I also recommend browsing the rest of their site for homeschooling and ministry resources.

Adventist Book Center is one of my favorite stores for Christian books and ministry items.  They have the Sally Pierson Dillon books (mentioned on the Large Production Plays page) and What We Believe For Kids (skits from the Believe series are based on this book).  Click here for the link to their site.

Advent Source is another great site for access to the books mentioned above as well as just about anything you might need for your ministry.  Click here for the link to their site.

Many years ago, I wrote a couple of short books for my kids about the second advent.  Teach Services published those for me in one little book.  You can click here for the link to the English book and here for the link to the Spanish book.  I also encourage you to browse the rest of their site.  There are many excellent resources and books for your ministry.

My book is also available on amazon if you are a prime member or if you want the kindle version.  Click here for the link.